Tuesday, August 5, 2008

DON’T Buy Google Nemesis UNTIL You Read This Review!

There are hundreds of useless ebooks out there, which contain a lot of fluff, hype, and outdated information that doesn’t really work in the real world. The Google Nemesis is NOT an ebook…it’s so much more than that: when you subscribe and join the program, you will get access to a very powerful, revolutionary software package…which cost Chris and the Day Job Killer team over $60,000, and 8 months of full-time computer programming, to develop. This software package fully automates your Clickbank affiliate PPC (Google Adwords) campaigns, making it so unbelievably easy to make money online… all you have to do is literally ‘point, click and profit.’

Google Nemesis

Apart from the super-profitable software package, a membership to the Google Nemesis program gets you access to the most powerful step-by-step blueprints to making money from Google…without having to lose your hard-earned money paying for expensive Pay-Per-Click Google Adwords. You’ll see exactly how Chris leverages his insider knowledge of the Google code to help you ‘pump out’ all the cash you can handle on a daily basis… there are already a few people (Chris’s test subjects) using these step-by-step Google blueprints to make amounts like $475 a week…$530 a week…even over $1,000 every week. Learning these techniques means beating the gurus at their own game and making tons of easy cash at THEIR expense for once!

The Google Nemesis Software tool ‘clones’ the moves of the wealthiest and most successful underground Clickbank affiliates…and then turbo-charges those moves automatically and tells you exactly what to do, step-by-step, in order to copy their success and launch your own winning campaigns. Imagine a tool that does everything for you – finds the campaign, suggests the right keywords, the right cost per click, the right ads, even monitors the campaign for you while it’s in progress – giving you everything you need to make those all-important campaign decisions! A tool that does everything – find the hottest Clickbank products for you, create your website, even predict conversion rates – giving you everything you need to profit. This closely guarded tactic has made some savvy underground affiliates millions already– and they tried to keep it a secret from you – until NOW! Making a full-time living from home as an affiliate marketer simply does not get any easier than this.

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